Writing Tip ~ Pour/Pore/Poor and Plain/Plane

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More simple words that are often confused when writing our family histories – pour/pore/poor and plain/plane. Writing confusing words Pour/pore/poor To pour something, is to empty liquid from one container to another – as in, “Grandpa’s farm girl once tried to pour milk from the bucket into Grandpa’s mug, but she was short-sighted and missed […]

Writing Tip ~ Lead and Led & Rain, Reign, Rein

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Our writing tip this week explains the words lead/led, and rain/reign/rein – again, sounding similar, but writing these words in your family history needs care to get them right.  Writing confusing words Lead/led Lead can refer to grey metal – as in,”The bullets in Billy’s old rifle were made of lead.” Or, if lead is pronounced leed, it means […]

Writing Tip ~ Cutting Excess Words

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Excess words can clutter our family history writing. Read how editor and author Genevieve Graham deals with this problem. Economical writing Get rid of or replace unnecessary and/or meaningless adjectives and adverbs in your writing. Writing such words as really, very, and quite Consider these words: really, very, quite, somewhat, good, nice, fine. What do they […]