Anne Bradshaw was born in Wales, grew up in England, and now lives in the USA. When not glued to the chair typing, she is reading, baking sourdough bread, walking, checking out New Family Search, or taking fun pictures.

About the books

True Miracles with Genealogy Volume Two - Global eBook Winner 2012True Miracles with Genealogy: Volumes One and Two are collections of inspiring research stories, spiritual moments as help comes from beyond the veil. Each story is a miracle that helps readers understand the importance of uniting families for time and eternity. There really is a world of spirits, many of whom want to be found by descendants and integrated into family lines.

We’re not talking spooky here. Rarely are spirits seen. However, the countless and unique ways in which they manage to get information into the hands of those seeking names, dates, and places, is amazing. There is a reason for this, which is explained in the Introduction in Volume One of  True Miracles with Genealogy.

About Anne’s other work

Anne has seven published books, the latest of which is True Miracles with Genealogy: Volume Two. Anne also co-authored two books on writing–Writing Secrets, and Publishing SecretsThe Ardanea Pendanta feature screenplay Anne co-authored, won first place (fantasy/sci-fi genre) in the 2008 International Family Film Festival.

About Anne’s other website

All are welcome to join Anne and hundreds of friends on the Facebook page created especially for True Miracles with Genealogy. Please click on www.facebook.com to join this group.

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