International Genealogy Guides

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International Genealogy

Does international genealogy research sound impossible to you?  Think again! FamilySearch has some wonderful research guides on their website at And everything is free of charge.

A World of International Genealogy
**********A World of International Genealogy**********

With permission from the FamilySearch website, I quote below from their easy to understand explanation of what to do when visiting their guides.

Each Genealogy Guide Comes with Three Parts

Each guide comes with three parts – Instruction, which includes a guided activity, Assignment, to test what you’ve learned, and an Answer key, to check how you did on the assignment. The guides are also rated as either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. The majority are designed for beginners.

The guides are available in PDF form designed to be downloaded and printed. To view a guide, click on its title. Once the guide has opened, use the PDF tools found in your browser to print and save the document.

PLEASE NOTE: Some guides are designed to be completed using resources found in the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. These are indicated by an * following the title of the guide. If you cannot visit the Family History Library, check your local library or your local FamilySearch Family History Center for availability of the resources described in the guide.

What You’ll Find in the International Genealogy Guides

Check below for the various sections available in the international “how to” guides.

1 How to use the guides
2 Work in progress
3 Countries
3.1 General Help
3.2 Latin America
3.2.1 BrazilGr
3.2.2 Mexico
3.2.3 Uruguay
3.3 Europe
3.3.1 Austria
3.3.2 Czechia
3.3.3 Denmark
3.3.4 England
3.3.5 Estonia
3.3.6 France
3.3.7 Germany
3.3.8 Italy
3.3.9 Latvia
3.3.10 Lithuania
3.3.11 The Netherlands
3.3.12 Norway
3.3.13 Poland
3.3.14 Portugal
3.3.15 Russia
3.3.16 Slovenia
3.3.17 Spain
3.3.18 Sweden
3.3.19 Switzerland
3.4 Africa and Asia
3.4.1 South Africa
4 Feedback

Happy hunting–the world is indeed your searchable oyster!

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