Review by Sherry Ann Miller – Volume One

More Experiences Just Waiting to be Told

Reviewed by author Sherry Ann Miller

Sherry Ann MillerWithin moments of the book, True Miracles with Genealogy, arriving at my doorstep, I was lying on my bed reading it. Being an avid family history nut, I found the stories Anne Bradshaw compiled both compelling and inspirational. Of course, two of my own stories are found within the pages, which gave me an extra advantage in wanting to read the others. To my delight, I found all of the other stories drawing me in (although I was quite disappointed when each story ended, as I wanted to read more and more from each author).

My only regret is that the volume wasn’t a thousand stories long, as I am sure there are many, many more delightful experiences out there just waiting to be told by others.

Touch the heart and enlighten the mind

Anne has a real knack for gathering and compiling stories that touch the heart and enlighten the mind, and True Miracles with Genealogy is no exception. I hope Anne compiles another one just like it, only hundreds of pages longer. I could read such inspirational stories all day long!

Great work, Anne! Thanks for sharing this remarkable little book with the rest of us.

About the reviewer

Sherry Ann Miller has seven published novels (soon to be eight), two novellas, one booklet of biographical excerpts, several full-scale musical productions, five published family histories, numerous one-act plays and road shows, and three screenplays. You may recognize some of the titles: Mama’s Lemon Pie, Scottish Legend, Love Notes Collection, Charity’s Gift, and Oregon Flame.


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