Review of Volume Two by Sarah Hinze

I’ve been reading both books (Volumes One and Two) all over again.  These are just wonderful!  I feel it is a sacred privilege for me to bear testimony of the significance of Anne’s books.  Many of those who read these books will gain faith to have their own genealogy miracles occur in their life as well.  As a convert to the church and one who has been very active in genealogy and temple work for my own family, I realize that it is ONE of the most important things I can do in this life.

The spirit of these books

I first felt the spirit of these books when Anne contacted me by e-mail.  She told me about her idea of putting a book together, and asked me if I would have any stories to contribute.  Anne and I both write about heaven and we both collect personal testimonies that can change hearts, bringing greater understanding and positive action.  My approach is with those who are coming to earth from the premortal realm.  Anne’s approach is to teach people about the post mortal world and the genealogy/temple work connection.  I think that maybe we are called to give a voice to these two different existences beyond the veil.  These are sacred missions for both of us and we are very motivated to share with others the messages that come through the collected stories.

Adds a dimension

The stories in Anne’s books are beautiful and faith promoting . . . I believe that reading and pondering (them) somehow adds a dimension of faith and hope to our own spirituality and allow us to feel those gentle whisperings of the spirit when we are blessed with our own guidance.

About the author

Sarah HinzeSarah Hinze is a life coach, author, and speaker. Her latest book is Waiting in the Wings – an awe-inspiring and remarkable collection of true stories from parents and families who had the opportunity to meet the souls of their sons and daughters before they were born.

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