Review of Volume Two by Becky Jamison

I sat down with great expectations to read this Volume Two of True Miracles with Genealogy. I devoured Volume One in one sitting and knew I was in for a treat as I explored this new volume. But I had no idea the impact one of the stories would have on me.


I only got to the 4th story before being overcome with such a sense of belonging, connection, and feelings of deep emotion for the characters in the story. I read it a second time to better understand the sequence of events in the story, then I read it to my husband. I was brought to tears as I realized the TRUE MIRACLE it expressed. I found myself thinking about it as I went to bed and again as I arose the next morning.

Upon researching the family described, I discovered that the characters in the story were distant cousins of mine. I then understood that feeling of being drawn to this story and of feeling connected as I initially read it.

Stories are intriguing

I can say the same thing of all the stories – they are intriguing and explore the miraculous influences that our ancestors have upon our lives, our research, and our emotions. Every story is powerful, easy to follow, and provides good insight into the blessings that we can claim as we learn about those in our families who have gone before us.

Even as I read of the experiences of fellow genealogists in this book, my heart is drawn to my ancestors and I’m filled with love, joy, and gratitude. I can’t wait for Anne to compile a third version of True Miracles.

About the author

 Becky Jamison is a genealogist and historian. Some of the names she is researching can be seen on her website at, and on her blog titled Becky JamisonGrace and Glory. She belongs to the community of GeneaBloggers,  and has won many awards such as the one below in recognition of her family history work.

Lineagekeeper Genealogy Award

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