Short Reviews – “True Miracles” Volumes One and Two

This page contains condensed endorsements from more reviewers of Volumes One and Two of  True Miracles with Genealogy.

Extracts from More Reviews

Terry Reilly, Genealogist

“I am not a member of the LDS Church but I have many family members who are. This book not only makes me understand my obsession but why my family loves the hunt for ancestors as well. Even though we may have different reasons for our obsession it is nice to see we all have similar “goose bump” moments. Really liked the book and am looking forward to reading the second one.”

Tom Roulstone, Author

review“True Miracles with Genealogy: Volume Two” is a family history treasure. It is highly readable and motivational. Reading these inspirational accounts gets the genealogical juices flowing, prompting one to get back to researching one’s own ancestors. It is also entertaining and should be in every Family History Center to give researchers the boost they need when they run up against a brick wall in their own research. Anne has done a great service to us all in compiling these fifty-eight true accounts of modern miracles.


Robert Boehner, Genealogist

“Having read this volume of great stories I am appreciative of those who have gone before. They reach back to us to let us know that they are aware of us, and through their history we better understand ourselves. I imagine there are countless stories yet to be compiled, each adding value to those already compiled. What gifts these stories are to the families involved, but what inspiration they are to all. I truly love this work. “

Susan Maxwell, Genealogist

Sue Maxwell


 “I finished the book (Vol. Two) several days ago and every single story is truly amazing. What a gem. I hope you continue with another one.” 


Marlayne Boblett, Genealogist

“(These stories) have touched my heart deeply and inspired me further. Anne has done such a beautiful job of compiling (Vol. Two). . . and the stories made me feel this work definitely ‘is’ worth all the effort, despite roadblocks, challenges etc. that might hinder our work.”

James W. Petty, AG, CG, B.A. (History), B.S. (Genealogy)

TruJames W. Petty AG, CG, BA (History), BS (Genealogy)Miracles with Genealogy (Vol. One) inspires us with stories beyond the veil. By doing genealogy, we can all have the peace and understanding that Heavenly Father is real and that we are his children. He is watching over us with a plan for our eternal life as an eternal family. Knowing this, we realize that through family history work, miracles do happen.” 


Russell Y. Anderson for the Association for Mormon Letters

“I have been acquainted with several experiences both in my own family and with others about getting special help with genealogical research, so I was excited to see the stories that Anne had compiled. It seems to be almost a given fact that if you want to have some special spiritual experiences you just have to spend some time (maybe years) involved with doing work for our ancestors, but then recognizing the help when it comes. I have always enjoyed reading stories like this and some of these stories were very touching and required me to keep some tissues near. It was also interesting to see how sometimes there are road blocks in the way because the time is not right, but that later the way is opened.”

C.S. Bezas, Author and Columnist

C. S. Bezas“‘Sometimes we forget how close Heaven is to Earth—just a whisper away’ ~ Elizabeth Jane Roberts. This is the kind of comfort Anne Bradshaw’s new book, True Miracles with Genealogy, offers. Personal story after story rivets your attention. This book is a powerhouse of inspiration that will clear away the “can’ts” and open up “can do”s to any kind of research problem you may have. An absolute must-read and a book to keep on your nightstand for evening enjoyment.”


Susan Dayley, Author

Susan DayleyThis last week I had the opportunity to read a uniquely enjoyable book, True Miracles with Genealogy (Vol One) is filled with stories of faith about people who were miraculously guided past those dead ends. These stories give hope and the courage to keep trying…. Somewhere we all descend from kings, barbarians, priests, witches, patriots and thieves. Perhaps even a hero or two. Learning their stories is amazing, but part of the adventure is finding them. Read this book and then begin the journey to locating yours.Thank you Anne for giving us this treasure.”

Heather from the Fire and Ice Blog

Heather Gardner“Anne Bradshaw’s book rekindled in me the desire to find my roots, to begin again the search for those who have gone before. She has complied stories from every day ordinary people like me and professional genealogists. Each one is inspiring and several had me in tears. True Miracles With Genealogy can be read in more than one sitting since each chapter is an individual story. My favorite account was “My Father Gave Me My Identity Back” by Sandra Taliaferro p. 83. I believe every reader will find a chapter that speaks directly to them.”

Lois D. Brown, Author

Lois D. Brown“This was one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time. It is a collection of short, real-life experiences that have happened to people while doing family research. I loved reading it on my Kindle, because I could get in a few stories while waiting for my kids to get out orchestra, etc., and it was a great pick-me-up. Great job!”


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