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True Miracles with Genealogy is Back!

I can hardly believe it’s been over a year since the last post on this True Miracles BACK AGAIN!with Genealogy blog! Moving out of State was more of a trial than expected. It’s good to be back, albeit at a slower pace because my own research has recently gone crazy.

Upcoming Genealogy Posts

Since genealogy contests proved popular last year, there will be more of those in coming months. Some wonderful prizes have already been offered. I’m hoping for more prize suggestions and lots of entries.

I have more great genealogy quotes to share, along with a fine story or two that will bring on those “aha” moments. And . . .

Something New

. . . a new category, which I hope many will find useful – reviews of genealogy-related products. Can’t wait to share some exciting and amazing tools that would have made our ancestors shake their heads in disbelief back in the day.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who joined this website during the past eighteen months and waited patiently (along with all the other subscribers) for more action. I hope to reward that patience as soon as possible.





New Genealogy Contest Starts Today

Waiting in the WingsWe have a new genealogy contest beginning today. Author Sarah Hinze is giving away a copy of her latest book, Waiting in the Wings, which is full of wonderful prebirth experiences. To read more about the book and find out how it ties in with genealogy, either click on the Contest link at top of page, or click HERE.

Epic Genealogy Contests – Weeks Eight/Nine

Congratulations to the following contestant who won a copy of Tristi Pinkston’s new novel, Dearly Departed.

Last week’s winner

Epic Genealogy Contest


A big thank you once again to Tristi Pinkston for providing a great prize. And thanks to everyone who took part. Please peek at this week’s contest and try again.

This week’s genealogy contest

Week nine begins today. Click on Genealogy Contest  or hover your mouse over the Contest Tab at top of page and choose Genealogy Contest – Week Nine/Aug 17  from the drop-down menu. Enjoy!

Epic Genealogy Contests – Weeks Five/Six

In future, to cut down on emails sent from this site, winners will be announced in same post as  current week’s contest notificationEpic Genealogy Contest post, and only the actual Contest Page will appear in your mail box.

Last week’s winners

All the winners in last week’s contest sponsored by Genealogy Today LLC will soon be notified. Congratulations to each one!

This week’s genealogy-related contest

Week six begins today. Click HERE, or hover your mouse over the Contest Tab at top of page and choose Genealogy Contest – Week Six/July 27  from the drop-down menu.

Genealogy Contest Winner – Week Three



And the winner is (drum roll . . . )Contest winner


Congratulations to amyandgary99 who wins the genealogy software program, RootsMagic 4.

amyandgary99, you will soon receive an email from RootsMagic, Inc. who will sort out the details.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest – and, of course, to RootsMagic, Inc. at

We will announce this week’s contest shortly, so please return soon.

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