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My Review of “Stored Treasures” ~ A Memoir

My Review of Stored Treasures, a memoir by Minnie Crane with Genealogist Smadar Belkind Gerson.

Stored Treasures ~ A Memoir

Stored Treasure

Stored Treasures by Minnie Crane and her great-granddaughter Smadar Belkind Gerson is a fascinating book, full of interesting photographs and captivating stories from Minnie’s difficult childhood. After reading the complete memoir, I feel like I’ve met the family and struggled with them through their tumultuous history spanning two world wars, pandemics, and the Great Depression.

Born Menuche Kranowitz in Belitsa, Russia in 1896, Minnie changed her name to Minnie Crane when entering the USA through Ellis Island in 1914. Her birth town eventually became part of Belarus, a Jewish community destroyed by Nazis.

Inspiring and educational

Avid genealogist, Smadar Belkind Gerson, shares Minnie’s remarkable writings in a way that is both inspiring and educational. This memoir truly is a treasure Smadar Belkind Gersonworth reading by anyone interested in the Jewish immigration to America in the early 1900s. I recommend it as a well-written and accurate record of events that define world history.

The book can be found on Lulu here.

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