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Anne Bradshaw Guest on Matt Townsend Show on Genealogy

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I’m a guest on the Matt Townsend Show on genealogy.




True Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award Winner!

True Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award WinnerTrue Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award Winner!

True Miracles with Genealogy Volume Two is a Global eBook Award winner! This was the verdict at the second annual Global eBook Awards celebration organized by Dan Poynter at the University Club in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, California.

Marilu Henner, Jim Cox, Dan Poynter, Bill Frank

Saturday’s star-studded cast included keynoter actor/author Marilu Henner and Jim Cox of The Midwest Book Review. The Master of Ceremonies was radio-personality Bill Frank. This year’s Global eBook Awards ceremony was simulcast worldwide.

Global eBook excitement shared

Authors, family and friends packed the historic dining hall and shared the excitement as awards were announced both live and on the Internet. It was an opportunity to meet writers from all genres. I particularly enjoyed a serendipitous meeting with an amazing lady who also shared an English heritage. I’m grateful to Dan Poynter and his team for organizing such a splendid contest, the results of which are of great value to authors and readers worldwide.

Next year’s Global eBook Award winner?VOLUMES ONE AND TWO

True Miracles with Genealogy Volume Two won the Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction category. Volume One was a Finalist in 2011. Will Volume Three be written in time for next year’s awards and voted a 2013 Global eBook Award winner? Send me your stories and let’s see what happens.

My Review of “Stored Treasures” ~ A Memoir

My Review of Stored Treasures, a memoir by Minnie Crane with Genealogist Smadar Belkind Gerson.

Stored Treasures ~ A Memoir

Stored Treasure

Stored Treasures by Minnie Crane and her great-granddaughter Smadar Belkind Gerson is a fascinating book, full of interesting photographs and captivating stories from Minnie’s difficult childhood. After reading the complete memoir, I feel like I’ve met the family and struggled with them through their tumultuous history spanning two world wars, pandemics, and the Great Depression.

Born Menuche Kranowitz in Belitsa, Russia in 1896, Minnie changed her name to Minnie Crane when entering the USA through Ellis Island in 1914. Her birth town eventually became part of Belarus, a Jewish community destroyed by Nazis.

Inspiring and educational

Avid genealogist, Smadar Belkind Gerson, shares Minnie’s remarkable writings in a way that is both inspiring and educational. This memoir truly is a treasure Smadar Belkind Gersonworth reading by anyone interested in the Jewish immigration to America in the early 1900s. I recommend it as a well-written and accurate record of events that define world history.

The book can be found on Lulu here.

Volume Two Now on Kindle!

In case you missed the news, Volume Two of True Miracles with Genealogy is now on Kindle at! 58 inspiring stories and photos, all for $2.99. 

Also available for Nook downloads from Smashwords at Smashwords  has a variety of electronic formats.

Kindle Links

Click on to see Kindle Volume Two on Amazon USA. For UK, France, and Germany Kindle links please click on the Where to Buy tab top of page. 

Volume Two on Kindle

Volume Two Trailer

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Genealogy Quote of the Week – Nephi Anderson

This week’s genealogy quote is by Nephi Anderson, librarian of the Genealogical Society of Utah and editor of the Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine from 1910–1923.

 Nephi Anderson

Nephi Anderson

From Wikipedia: “Nephi Anderson (1865 – 1923) was a prolific LDS author . . . His most successful work was his first novel, Added Upon (1898), but his writing career also included short stories, poetry, and non-fiction.”

Nephi Anderson was born in Christiania (modern Oslo), Norway, and at the age of six years immigrated with his parents to Utah. He later taught school in Ogden and Brigham City eventually becoming Superintendent of schools in Box Elder County. He served as editor of the Millennial Star during his mission in Great Britain. In later years, he traveled widely speaking about genealogy. The quote below was given when the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City was still small.

Genealogy quote from Nephi Anderson

I see the records of the dead and their histories gathered from every nation under heaven to one great central library in Zion — the largest and best equipped in the nations, but in Zion will be the records of the last resort and authority. Trained genealogists will find constant work in all nations having unpublished records, searching among the archives for families and family connections. Then, as temples multiply, and the work enlarges to its ultimate proportions, this Society, or some organization growing out of this Society, will have in its care some elaborate, but perfect system of exact registration and checking, so that the work in the temples may be conducted without confusion or duplication.

And so throughout the years, reaching into the Millennium of peace, this work of salvation will go on, until every worthy soul that can be found from early records will have been searched out and officiated for; and then the unseen world will come to our aid, the broken links will be joined, the tangled threads will be placed in order, and the purposes of God in placing salvation within the reach of all will have been consummated. (“Genealogy’s Place in the Plan Salvation,” Utah Genealogical and Historical Quarterly, January 1912, pp. 21-22.)


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