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True Miracles with Genealogy is Back!

I can hardly believe it’s been over a year since the last post on this True Miracles BACK AGAIN!with Genealogy blog! Moving out of State was more of a trial than expected. It’s good to be back, albeit at a slower pace because my own research has recently gone crazy.

Upcoming Genealogy Posts

Since genealogy contests proved popular last year, there will be more of those in coming months. Some wonderful prizes have already been offered. I’m hoping for more prize suggestions and lots of entries.

I have more great genealogy quotes to share, along with a fine story or two that will bring on those “aha” moments. And . . .

Something New

. . . a new category, which I hope many will find useful – reviews of genealogy-related products. Can’t wait to share some exciting and amazing tools that would have made our ancestors shake their heads in disbelief back in the day.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who joined this website during the past eighteen months and waited patiently (along with all the other subscribers) for more action. I hope to reward that patience as soon as possible.





Volume Two Now on Kindle!

In case you missed the news, Volume Two of True Miracles with Genealogy is now on Kindle at! 58 inspiring stories and photos, all for $2.99. 

Also available for Nook downloads from Smashwords at Smashwords  has a variety of electronic formats.

Kindle Links

Click on to see Kindle Volume Two on Amazon USA. For UK, France, and Germany Kindle links please click on the Where to Buy tab top of page. 

Volume Two on Kindle

Volume Two Trailer

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Welcome to True Miracles with Genealogy

 Anne Bradshaw

True Miracles with Genealogy Volumes One and Two - Global eBook Winner 2012True Miracles with Genealogy welcomes you! Read on for  book news, genealogical quotes and product reviews with contests, family history writing tips, and new stories.

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Thank you for visiting True Miracles with Genealogy

Thank you for visiting today. I find genealogy fascinating and exciting. I hope the True Miracles with Genealogy books can encourage us all to get involved and enjoy uniting families in heaven and on earth, one link at a time.

Anne Bradshaw

Sample review—True Miracles with Genealogy books

Anne Bradshaw’s books are not genealogical how-to manuals. True Miracles with Genealogy (Volumes One and Two) are a worldwide collection of astounding personal stories that illustrate the remarkable assistance available to us when we combine diligent research with help from beyond the veil.

Still, each short, unique story is crammed full of invaluable research tips from the successes of Bradshaw’s contributors, nearly all of whom attest they found priceless information by listening to promptings and acting on the messages received. Some of these spiritual whispers inspired them to think out of the box, sending them to astounding, unlikely places like eBay and Amazon, or off on excursions where marvelous, miraculous doors opened for them.

True Miracles with Genealogy should be on every family’s bookshelf, and particularly on the shelves of every genealogist—the impassioned and the dabblers. It would make a marvelous gift for the historian in your family. Its stories remind us all how near heaven we are. ~ Laurie (L.C.) Lewis, author.


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