There IS Life After Death

There IS Life After Death

I found a touching and thought-provoking video on YouTube today, a reminder to all genealogists that death is not the end. The video comes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is titled We Can Live with God Again.

Death has no sting

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  • Dee D'Errico:

    I am enjoying the videos; but, there is one navigational problem
    that I am not sure you are aware of. Once you have watched a
    secondary choice, you have to go back and watch the first video
    again in order to reach the window where you have the additional
    four videos to choose from. It should be set up so that you go
    back to these four choices after each video that you watch.

    Thank you for sharing these videos.

  • Thanks, Dee. Great to hear from you. I’m afraid I can’t do much about the extra videos since they are produced by YouTube. Sorry about that. I’d fix that problem if I knew how.

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