True Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award Winner!

True Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award WinnerTrue Miracles with Genealogy Global eBook Award Winner!

True Miracles with Genealogy Volume Two is a Global eBook Award winner! This was the verdict at the second annual Global eBook Awards celebration organized by Dan Poynter at the University Club in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, California.

Marilu Henner, Jim Cox, Dan Poynter, Bill Frank

Saturday’s star-studded cast included keynoter actor/author Marilu Henner and Jim Cox of The Midwest Book Review. The Master of Ceremonies was radio-personality Bill Frank. This year’s Global eBook Awards ceremony was simulcast worldwide.

Global eBook excitement shared

Authors, family and friends packed the historic dining hall and shared the excitement as awards were announced both live and on the Internet. It was an opportunity to meet writers from all genres. I particularly enjoyed a serendipitous meeting with an amazing lady who also shared an English heritage. I’m grateful to Dan Poynter and his team for organizing such a splendid contest, the results of which are of great value to authors and readers worldwide.

Next year’s Global eBook Award winner?VOLUMES ONE AND TWO

True Miracles with Genealogy Volume Two won the Genealogy/Heritage/Ancestry Non-Fiction category. Volume One was a Finalist in 2011. Will Volume Three be written in time for next year’s awards and voted a 2013 Global eBook Award winner? Send me your stories and let’s see what happens.

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