Writing Tip ~ Altogether/All Together and Apart/A Part

Some simple words to explain this week – simple, yet often confused when writing our family histories – altogether/all together, and apart/a part.

Writing confusing words

Altogether/all togetherToo large hat

Altogether means entirely – as in, “Aunt Jemima’s hat was altogether too large for her little, baby face.”

A group that is all together is gathered in one place – as in, “Aunt Jemima and the girls were all together when the photograph was taken. The hat proved an instant identifier for generations to come.”

Apart/a part

The word apart is used when something is separated – as in, “Aunt Jemima’s hat fell apart one stormy day and she never could rebuild it quite the same.”

When something is a part of something else, it is joined with it – as in, “The new riding school was a part of the old farm, but visitors never knew this because the farmhouse was far from the road, way across the field.”

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